Bathroom Renovations and Remodeling

The master bathroom should be your own private escape, or even a place to pamper yourself. Is this the case with your bathroom right now? If you have green-and-white tiles, poor plumbing, and gold trim and fixtures, its probably time to consider an affordable Bathroom Renovation with Nautica Construction.

Bathrooms are second only to the kitchen on most Home Owners’ lists of rooms to have remodeled, most projects finishing with an average 80% return on investment. Sometimes, given the complexity of bathrooms: multiple components, smaller space, and working with existing plumbing; doing the project right can be a challenge.

If you currently only have one bathroom, you will want to seriously consider adding another; homes with only one bathroom are a hard sell. Study the other homes in your area and see if you are above or below average. This will come into play when you are setting a selling price, and you will want to be up to par in your neighborhood in terms of the number of bathrooms in your home. Adding a bathroom to a master bathroom is a popular way to add value to the home.